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Plain Spice Range

Spices are something that adds interest or excitement one can’t envision existence without spice. And we care about people taste so we have wide range of spices. It’s a substance that is used in cooking to add flavors, coloring or garnish the food and it is usually a powder or a seed.

Healthy Salt Range

Puro Food have a healthy salt range this salt is used at the table and as an essential fixing in every formula. From dessert to its fine look it passes through different procedures and become an upgraded flavor and fine look of salt.

Vinegar Range

Puro Food Vinegar has a sharp flavor that makes it extraordinarily suited to complement and upgrade the flavor of primary courses, organic products, vegetables and salads.

Puro Food Mixed Ketchup Range

Puro Food Ketchup is made with 100% freshest, reddest, plumpest, sun-aged tomatoes. It’s an ideal adjust of tart and sweet, that transforms the most straightforward of food into solid and delectable meals.

Puro Mayonnaise

Puro Food Mayonnaise – made with the best fixings including entire eggs offers the smoothest surface and exemplary taste. Make all your food taste delectable and appealing by adding it to your salads, sandwiches, burgers, parathas and some more.


Refreshing and pleasant tasting syrup that improves digestion. In summer it provides satisfaction in intense thirst,humidity and restlessness.


Puro Food scope of normally reviving syrups, you would now be able to make a sweet drink that re-energizes you. These syrups are made with best quality level techinques at our best in class preparing facility and are ideal for use as beverages or for adding flavor to sweets. Browse Puro Food Mashroobat to enjoy day normally.
Rose Water - Arq-e-Gulab

Arq-e-Gulab (Rose Water)

Arq-e-Gulab likewise called as Rose Water is the water of rose commonly made of venturing regular flower petals in water. It is the by-product that is acquired amid the creation of rose oil that is later on utilized as a part of fragrance. Since antiquated, it is being utilized as a home grown item notwithstanding only utilizing as aroma.
Rose Water - Arq-e-Gulab
Psyllium husk

Ispaghol Husk

Psyllium is the husk of the seeds of the plant Plantago ovato. Ispaghol is hygroscopic in nature and it swells and grows to end up adhesive. Psyllium husks/Ispaghol contain both dis-solvable and also insoluble fiber. It is a blend of 70% solvent and 30% insoluble fiber.
Psyllium husk


Unadulterated Honey is the best endowment of nature. It is a characteristic eating regimen and best tonic for human body that repair the cells, make opposition against sicknesses. It is useful for kids development and sustenance of the seniority individuals. Honey is family unit need and cure all around. Utilization: It can likewise be utilized with water, drain or tea.


The essence of green tea with its advantages of hostile to oxidants no uncertainty gives one a solid way of life and regularly enduring taste of fulfillment. Once included with various flavors it upgrades its part in numerous folds.


Vegetable oils are a gathering of fats that are gotten from a few seeds, nuts, oat grains, and natural products. It is vital to comprehend that not these vegetable oils are fluid oils at surrounding temperatures. What’s more, not the greater part of the vegetable oils are created in business amounts, and of those that are, not all are thought to be palatable as in the feeling of being a run of the mill dietary segment.


Puro Food Wheat Porridge does not should be cooked, sparing your opportunity and giving you convenience.It furnishes your body with numerous basic supplements giving a sound begin to your day. It assumes a part in weight administration as a major aspect of an all around adjusted eating routine. It is a perfect breakfast for the whole family. It is a decent wellspring of insoluble fiber.


Arranged with the best fixings and formed to flawlessness, Puro Shell Shaped macaroni is perfect for use in a wide assortment of new servings of mixed greens and energizing primary courses. Serve in style to visitors or simply share the enjoyment with family since you realize that nobody can oppose Puro Food macaroni!


Vermicelli is a customary delicacy and is expelled from Hard Wheat Flour and simmered to the coveted taste. It can be overflowed with drain and sugar or cream to make deserts of various conventional taste. Puro Food Vermicelli makes the true ceaseless allurement that vermicelli can be.

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PURO is the name of a Company which produces the goods from natural ingredients of fruits, spices, with highest level of purity with advance and hygienic way…


As the pioneer in food blends, we guarantee that our items are helpful and simple to get ready as well as convey on the flavor, customary taste…


Set up Puro Food as the main culinary brand, offering bona fide conventional formulas and home nourishment arrangements, with persevering spotlight on brilliance…

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PURO PURO is the name of a Company which produces the goods from natural ingredients of fruits, spices, with highest level of purity with advance and hygienic way for healthy life standard.

Puro Food packaging standards are up to fruit grade process that is so safe for healthy products which delivers with quality of seal to secure the nature of recipe.