5 Common Food Myths

Common Food Myths Puro Food

From newspapers to television, daily advertisements of many “healthy” foods are seen by millions of people, claiming health benefits. Many doctors also recommend the use of these items. Of course, all these things play with your mind, and whether you like them or not, and regardless of your conviction, you find yourself buying these items just to pacify that little voice in your head.

Andy Balati, a nutritionist, said in an interview to Business Insider that the average person does not need them. The myths related to the following 5 food items are quite interesting and educational.

Multi vitamins

By one estimate half of all American youths take multiple vitamins daily. Decades of studies have not proved any particular benefits of this practice. Indeed an average person needs a very small number of vitamins such as vitamins A, C and E.  Research has shown that if daily meals are consumed in a timely fashion, the daily requirement of vitamins in satisfied.

Fruit & vegetable beverages

Fruits and vegetables lose all their fiber when juiced to make drinks. This means that about half of the benefits fruits and vegetables are lost. Adding sugar to the mix further deteriorates the health benefits of such drinks, and even introduces detrimental factors to it. To derive most nutrition and health benefits from fruits and vegetables, the best thing to do is to eat them raw.

Egg whites

Many adults eat only egg whites believing that the yolk is detrimental to health. But research has shown that egg yolk does not raise cholesterol and is not at all harmful to overall health. In fact, even if you have high cholesterol, there is no reason to skip the egg yolk.

Bottled water

Research has shown that the bottled water available in different parts of the United States is not any better than tap water available there. The bottled water market around the world is estimated at 150 billion dollars. As a rule of thumb, bottled water offers value only in places where the water is contaminated or of poor quality for whatever reason. In most places, home water filtration systems are sufficient to provide healthy drinking water.

Coconut water

Coconut water is a gift of nature, and its limited availability magnifies its value. It is believed that coconut water offers many health benefits, and undoubtedly the amount of potassium and other vitamins and minerals in this water is quite high. However, its cumulative benefit to the body is about as much as one glass of water or most fresh fruits. So it makes no sense to chase expensive coconut water for nutritional value.

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