6 Benefits of Black Pepper some of its will surprise you

6 Benefits of Black Pepper some of its will surprise you

Black Pepper is commonly used in almost all Pakistani foods. But black pepper also has uses other than adding flavor to food. Some of its will surprise you!

Keeps dyed fabrics colorfast

Has your favorite shirt lost color from washing? If so, next time you do laundry sprinkle a teaspoon of black pepper on the clothes before running the washing machine. This will keep the clothes colorfast.

Cures Wet Cough

To cure wet cough, drink tea with black pepper and honey. The black pepper will agitate and loosen phlegm, while honey sooths the cough. A teaspoon of powdered black pepper and one or two teaspoons of honey in a cup of hot tea will work wonders to cure a wet cough. Another trick is to sprinkle black pepper on a slice of lemon and suck it dry for quick relief from a wet cough.

Helps Quit Smoking

According to a research, craving for smoking diminishes by inhaling the scent of black pepper oil. The vapors of black pepper oil causes a burning sensation in the throat that is similar to the sensation felt by smoking. This satiates the smoker to a large degree and diminishes the desire to smoke.

Relaxes Muscles

Feeling sore after exercising? Massage with black pepper oil to loosen the muscles. Black pepper oil is considered a hot oil that induces blood circulation and heat where it is applied. Mix two drops of black pepper oil in four drops of rosemary oil and apply to the sore area.

Improves Digestion

The use of black pepper in food helps digestion food by stimulating digestive acids in the stomach. This also provides a remedy for constipation.

Reduces Stomach Gas

Black pepper reduces the gases created in the stomach during digestion. It is a natural remedy to excessive flatulence.

Note: This article is for general information and not for medical treatment.

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  1. This was a little bit but informative post , in history black pepper was black gold and it’s a nature gift , for us , will try puro BLACK PEPPER powder, i hear that its come from pure black PEPPER seeds and PURO is new fastest growing brand in Pakistan, keep it up good work , good luck

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