Establish Puro as a leading culinary brand by providing the highest quality food products at affordable prices.

Company Profile


Puro Foods is a young company, the result of the vision of its founder, Muhammad Fiaz. The head office and manufacturing plant of Puro are in Lahore, Pakistan.

Puro has been launched ambitiously with 25 food products. More products have been planned and shall be added soon.

Currently Puro products are available only in Pakistan, but plans are underway to initiate exports in the near future.


Best In Class

At Puro, every person involved in making a product is responsible for making it a quality product. Our Quality Control exists as an audit function within the manufacturing and packaging areas.
Our QC entails approval or rejection of all raw materials, packaging materials, labeling and finished products; reviewing production records for accuracy and completeness before approving for distribution; performing all the required tests to ensure identity, purity, potency and composition, and ensuring that products are not contaminated or adulterated.

Due to volume, quality control staff cannot inspect every bottle of every product made. This is where scientific sampling comes into play. Producing quality products is a team effort requiring the support of the line operators, cleaning and changeover crews, and manufacturing/packaging management.

From start to finish, Puro’s Quality Control Department works to maintain the highest possible standards, resulting in premium quality products.


ISO Standards

Puro is in the process of acquiring the ISO 9001:2008 – Quality Management System certification.