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Our Products

Plain Spice Range

Spices add flavor, color and zest to foods. A life without spice is a bland life. We care about people, so our ground spices are made from premium quality whole spices. Puro spices are unadulterated, full-flavor and naturally healthy.

Healthy Salt Range

Puro Food offers a healthy salt range. It’s healthy because our salt is unbleached. Puro Healthy Salt is available in Iodized and Non-Iodized variety.

Vinegar Range

Puro Vinegar has a sharp flavor that complements and enhances the flavor of primary courses, organic products, vegetables and salads. Our vinegar range includes White Vinegar, Apple Vinegar and Mix Fruit Vinegar.

Puro Food Mixed Ketchup Range

Puro Ketchup is made with the freshest, reddest, plumpest, sun-aged tomatoes. It’s an ideal fusion of tart and sweet, that transforms the simplest foods into an explosion of flavor.

Puro Mayonnaise

Puro Mayonnaise – made with the best ingredients including entire eggs, offers the smoothest texture and delicious taste. Make all your foods taste delectable by adding it to your salads, sandwiches, burgers, parathas and more.


Puro Mashroob-e-Shirin appeals to all the senses. It provides relief from intense thirst and restlessness. This drink is ever popular with people of all ages, and at home on all occasions.


Puro Food’s presents you drink syrups that will energize and refresh you. These syrups are made with the best quality ingredients available. Enjoy our wide variety of ‘mashroobaat’ according to your mood or occasion.
Rose Water - Arq-e-Gulab

Arq-e-Gulab (Rose Water)

Arq-e-Gulab or Rose Water is made rose petals. Puro uses the best quality flowers to manufacture this age old health product. It can be used without any side effects. Rose Water contains many powerful antioxidants and also helps relax the central nervous system.
Rose Water - Arq-e-Gulab
Psyllium husk

Ispaghol Husk

Ispaghol or Psyllium is the husk of the seeds of the plant Plantago ovato. Psyllium husks/Ispaghol contains both soluble and insoluble fiber; it is a 70% soluble and 30% insoluble. Ispaghol is hygroscopic in nature and swells and grows to end up adhesive. Its health benefits include regulating cholesterol and normalizing bowl movements.
Psyllium husk


Honey is one of the best endowments of nature. It is an incredible tonic for the human body that repairs blood cells and strengthens the immune system. This grand gift of nature is sweet in taste and popular in every culture in the world.


Green tea is one of the healthiest beverages on the planet. It is loaded with antioxidants and nutrients that have powerful effects on the body. These include improved brain function, fat loss, a lower risk of cancer and many other impressive benefits.


Specialty oils are extracted for their immense health benefits and come from sources that have great health value. Puro Oils include Almond oil, Mustard oil and Olive oil.


Puro Wheat Porridge is made from premium quality wholesome wheat. It furnishes your body with numerous basic supplements giving a sound beginning to your day. It is a perfect breakfast for the whole family.


Puro shell shaped macaroni is perfect for use in a wide assortment of salads and main courses. Share the pleasure with your family or serve in style to visitors.


Vermicelli is a cultural delicacy. It is made from hardened wheat flour. Puro Vermicelli adds quality to your popular local desserts.

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