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Healthy Food for Kids puro food

Healthy Foods for Kids

Parents face the challenge of feeding healthy food to their kids almost every single day. The situation is worse for kids of working parents, as …

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An Overview of ORGANIC FOOD PuroFood


What is Organic Food? Organic Food is the term used to describe raw or processed agricultural products and ingredients that have been grown without… Most …

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Healthy Eating habits and Tips from Sunnah Puro Food

Healthy Eating habits and Tips from Sunnah

Islam prescribes much etiquette and practices of healthy eating and living. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) recommended remarkably hygienic and healthy eating habits to his followers. He …

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Common Food Myths Puro Food

5 Common Food Myths

From newspapers to television, daily advertisements of many “healthy” foods are seen by millions of people, claiming health benefits. Many doctors also recommend the use …

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