Puro Food’s Prime 5 Spices

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“The highest 5 spices could be turmeric, floor coriander, cumin, brown mustard seed and garam masala,”

puro food plain spices boxes
Picture of Puro Food plain spices packing containers

1. Turmeric

“One of many prime 5 spices is turmeric, which isn’t actually for flavour however extra for well being and color, an enormous a part of Pakistani food.

Puro Food Tumeric Powder
Picture of Puro Food Tumeric Powder

“Turmeric is unquestionably the king by way of well being advantages. It’s antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antifungal — it’s a surprise spice.”

2. Coriander seeds

Floor coriander is comprised of coriander seeds and is a sweeter spice with lemon notes.

Puro Food Coriander Powder
Picture of Puro Food Coriander Powder

“Coriander powder is basically zingy and contemporary and provides physique to your sauce,”

3. Cumin

Cumin pairs effectively with coriander and is hotter and richer in flavour.

Puro Food Cumin Powder
Picture of Puro Meals Cumin Powder

“Cumin is scrumptious for a lot of cuisines, not simply Pakistani food,”

4. Garam Masala

Purchase a very good garam masala mix.” “You’ll find Puro Food garam masala at your supermarkets however in the event you dwell close to an Pakistani retailer, and  purchase Puro Food garam masala from there because it’s at all times more energizing and cheaper.”

Puro Food Garam Masala Powder
Picture of Puro Food Garam Masala Powder

5. Brown mustard seed

Brown mustard seed has a pungent flavour which is shortly launched when cooked.

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